Make tutorial with my 12 apps challenges as a result

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So I got a lot of email and message about making a video of my apps I did for now in my 12 apps in 12 weeks challenge. People ask me about make it cause they like the idea of the challenge and the result of the app.

Why I think people want that

This chapter is about something I found a lot in the JavaScript community. I see a lot of tutorial on the web. Free or pay and they don’t have all what the beginner or the user want.

What do I mean? I see a lot of Ruby-On-Rails or Django tutorial where the teacher went a to z in the application. From the beginning to the production app. They show how to make almost all the features of the app need to be a little completed app.

But when I see a video on JavaScript they are always at the same point.

  1. They teach one little thing
  2. They teach all the same little thing so the user cannot get past this point
  3. They don’t show the most commons thing. Example why when I see a video on node they start to make user auth but don’t show how to make a reset password and forgot a password. This is something 100% of all app need.

One reason I maybe think is the fact that in JavaScript the solution has many answers. In Ruby, you have only one way to write but in JavaScript, so many ways come. Maybe this is one of the reasons why that happen. Do I’m alone thinking about this? The tutorial we found in JavaScript I mean when people create an app don’t go deep.

So like someone say to me, “if you not happy with something try to make it better”. So that’s why I’m recording this week the tutorial about the first app I’ve made for my challenge. I don’t say I’m gonna be better. I’m still a beginner. But I think if I can at least show something new to some other coder this is worth.

End Word

A good point too for my career if I do this is the fact than teaching makes you learn so much. Much much more than just reading stuff or maybe try to do something. So this is a plus for me and maybe a plus for at least one other coder.

My Questions

  • Are you with me with the fact that in JavaScript we don’t see the deep tutorial?
  • You think this is a good idea?
  • What did you want to see in this tutorial?
  • How long you want this video to be?

Thank you again for read me.