My review on the book Learning React Native

2 min. read

So I just finished to read the book from Bonnie Eisenman. I got this book by winning a contest on twitter. Yes you read me.

I have already a good grasp on react-native but this book give me some knowledge I didn’t really know.

Use testflight for testing

The first chapter I read for this book was about using testFlight. Yes I was confuse about how send app to the store + how make the use of the beta testing. I got this book in the perfect time, cause at this moment a client want to test the app.

Using native module

Xcode always make me fear. When I got a bug and this is not related to my code make my almost crying. I also buy a course on Udemy for understand how xcode work. This book help me about how link native module. That was one the thing I need the most.


I really like the fact then we follow the thinking of the author for the tutorial he made. Something I would like more is more deep with example working with the backend etc.

My final review

I recommended this book to everyone who start working with react-native. The thing I didn’t like is not cause of the book but more cause of the time I read it. The author didn’t use the new react syntax with es6.

My final note: 4/5

Link for the book just click here